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These Pro-Ject Sgt Pepper's 50th anniversary edition turntables are Father's Day sorted

May 26, 2017

Pro-Ject has a history of special edition Beatles turntables, and earlier in the year, promised us a handful of new offerings.Now, two of them have gone up for sale in the UK. (Note that impending holidays aside, these would also make a great gift for mum. Or yourself. Or us, if you're feeling really generous).The cheaper of the two is the £430 Essential III: Sgt Pepper's Drum (pictured above) which, as its name suggests, is a reskinned Essential III.While we haven't reviewed the Essential III, Pro-Ject consistently impresses us with its wares – we gave the Essential II an impressive 8/10 review score and consider the Elemental the best budget turntable your can buy, so we don't think you'll be disappointed by its record playing chops. At the more premium end of things is the 2Xperience SB: Sgt Pepper's Limited Edition, which will set you back a hefty £1235.There's no denying its pretty, though, with an understated walnut finish giving it an undeniably classy look. Only 1000 units are available worldwide, which partly explains the eye-watering price.

Both of the Beatles-themed turntables are now available to buy from a variety of popular audio retailers.Interested? Here are a couple of quicklinks to save you some time.