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Essential III Digital


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Essential III Digital - the turntable king of the analogue and digital world! 

Essential III Digital is the successor to the well received and much respected Essential II Digital, a turntable that shook ground like probably no other before. Delivering its owner the a turntable that not only does analog playback, but also converts favourite LPs to a digital data stream via its optical output. A perfect match to connect to your multi room entertainment system, a soundbar or even a TV! Equipped with the high-quality pickup OM10 by the phonographic cartridge pioneer Ortofon, Essential III Digital deli-vers lively, balanced and highly involving sound that will delight every vinyl lover. Essential III Digital comes in the aest-hetic high-gloss colors black, red and white.  

• Belt drive with synchronous motor and silicone belt
• Built in phono preamp, Analog to Digital converter and optical digital output
• Diamond cut aluminum drive pulley
• Chassis & platter made of resonance optmized MDF
• Integrated DC-powered motor control minimizesmotor vibration and guarantees speed stability
• Precision main bearing with stainless steel spindle
• 8.6” aluminum tonearm with sapphire bearings
• Ortofon OM10 cartridge factroy mounted and aligned
• High-quality semi-balanced Connect it E phono interconnect With gold-plated RCA connectors included
• Special decoupling feet
• Dust cover included
• High-gloss colour options: black, red, white


33, 45 (manual speed change) 

Drive principle
Belt drive

Wow and flutter
33: 0,70%  45: 0,60% 

Speed drift
33: 0,21%  45: 0,19% 

300mm MDF

Digital sampling rate
Selectable 96/24 or 44.1/16

8,6”, aluminum one piece

Effective arm length
218,5 mm

Effective tonearmmass 
 8,0 gr 

Suitable for cartridge mass
3 - 5,5g

Tracking force
0 - 25mn (recommended for OM10 18mn)
Included accessory
power supply, dust cover  
Power consumption
4,5 watts max

 420 x 112 x 330mm (WxHxD)   
5,0 kg net