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Signature Headshell Aluminium


Fitting to our Signature tone arms and turntables, we developed 3 different headshells.  
In general every material has its own sound character. So try it!  
Additionally it allows you to have a cartridge collection with different types of phono cartridges. So you can select your favorite for different type of music or records to maximise your sound quality.  
The different mass of the Headshells gives also the possibility to get the correct weight of your cartridge/headshell combination, which fits perfect to your arm!  
It comes with a set of alien type screws in different length as well as all necessary tools.  
They all come in a nice wooden collector box.  


Fits all tonearms with SME mounting standard
1/2 inch cartridge mount
3 different headshell materials: Aluminium, Carbon, Beechwood
High conductivity OFC headshell cables included
High rigidity & low mass
Low resonance construction
Non magnetic
Azimuth adjustment with screw on side
Built-in finger lift