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Design Box 4

$125.00 - via special order


The Pro-Ject Design Box 4 adds sophistication and style to your Box Designs system in any room and allows you to match your listening style to your lifestyle.

• High-gloss finish

• Classy design that suits all living room styles and furniture

• New clicking system (PET clips both position and secure all Box Design components)
>>> How to use:
1. Connect cables and push components from back into Design Box 4
2. Push unit(s) further along guide rail to front
3. When you hear a "click", the PET clips hold and secure components in the correct position - READY!


Dimensions (W x H x D):
8.7" x 3.5" x 7.8"

System Frame Fits:
a) 4 Box Design S (Slim-Line) components
b) CD Box DS
c) Stream Box DS
d) CD Box + 2 Box Design S (Slim-Line) components
e) 2 Box Design DS (Compact) components
f) 1 Box Design DS (Compact) component + 2 Box Design S (Slim-Line) components