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Dock Box S Fi



The Pro-Ject Dock Box S Fi features a highly shielded metal chassis that interfaces iPods, iPads and iPhones using a 30-pin docking connector. When docked, the devices fixed audio output drives a buffered pair of RCA jacks into a Pro-Ject preamp, power amp or any other line-level accepting component. This results in a signal transmission with lower distortion and ruler flat frequency response. A USB output allows for connection and synchronization with your computer. Additionally, an S-Video jack handles the devices video signal output interface to a video display. A compact remote control is included that allows adjustment of all playback functions (including repeat and shuffle) and menu navigation. A robust outboard power supply delivers highly stable AC voltage for quality sound and performs charging for each device when docked. Made for iPod/Works with iPhone certified. Remote Control included.



Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz

High-Level Audio Output
1 pr. RCA

Output Impedance
15 ohms

Output Voltage
0.300 V

USB Port
Digital, Serial Protocol USB 1.1 (Windows® and MacOS®)
Video Output

Power Supply
16V / 500m DC

Power Consumption
16V / 200mA DC max.

Dimension (WHD)
4.1 x 1.4 x 5.5 in., 103 x 36 x 141 mm - Height excludes iPod® or iPhone®

1.3lbs., 585g without power supply

Black or Silver