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Remote Box S



Usage of multiple remote controls in your home for control of TV, BluRay player, music streaming, amplifier and so on, can be painful and unpractical. Common control Apps for network audio streamers are efficient for this specific purpose, but do not have the ability to control additional AV components.  
Solution: Remote Box S  
With Remote Box S and free-of-charge Box Control App (Apple and Android) you get complete control over all music, video, TV and so forth in your living room. A single user interface for Smartphone or Tablet makes all other remote controls obsolete and operates it all: streamer, flatscreen, Bluray player, amplifier …! Components from Box Design are pre-programmed. Of course Remote Box S deals with IR signals from all brands, so every IR command is transmitted confidently via extra powerful LEDs on front. A direct „face to face“ contact is not a pre-condition, so therefore a hifi system and Remote Box S can be positioned on top of each other in a piece of furniture and reflections within the cabinet are sufficient for transmitting IR reliably. Of course an additional jack plug output for external IR emitters is also provided.  

• Control all Box Design components (pre-programmed)  
• At least 6 additional IR units can be controlled  
• IEEE 802.11bgn WLAN Interface built-in  
  (for easy integration into existing WLAN networks)  
• Free Box Control App for convenient use  
• Sends and receives IR codes  
• IR emitters with extra high power standard on front  
• USB Interface initial configuration and normal usage  
• Firmwareupdate possible via USB  
• Connector for external IR transmitter (3,5mm connector)  
• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  
• Faceplate silver or black  


Network IEEE 802.11 bgn WLAN
Setup port Mini USB
IR emitters internal: 4x high power LEDs (front)
External emitter port 2 x 3,5mm jack
Power supply 9V/2000mA DC; 100 - 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption 1.5 watts
Dimensions W x H x D 4.06 x 1.42 x 2.96 in
Weight .84 lb without power supply